THe backstory of cyberpunk 2077 revealed!

Recent information direct from the developer shows some details into the grim world that the player inhabits. The location is known as Night City, a desolate place filled with poverty and decay, with powerful gangs and corporations ruling the world around the player. Body augmentation and technology has yet to solve the core issue with poverty and crime, with the cycles of corruption remaining and growing among the populace. An escape was created in the form of a highly addictive form of entertainment called ‘braindance’. Users could download the memories and sensations, senses and emotions of a person, created by both Hollywood or more seedy people. The dark side of this technology comes when darker moments are recorded, imprinting even criminal thoughts and sensations on the user. It becomes a fad with some people, with others losing even the will to live there own lives. The player must learn to cope with the harsh world or be consumed by the fad which has so many people hooked. The plot itself holds potential, drawing from life today and adding onto it to create a new adventure.

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